Krish International – Leading Supplier and Exporter of Grape Fruit from India

Major Market Exporting – Europe, Asia, Gulf, USA, Canada

Name: Grapes

Details: : Grapes are available in varieties as Thompson seedless, Flame seedless and Black seedless which are really so delicious that will water your mouth for sure. Grapes which are high in sweetness, nutritional value, freshness, colours and sizes. We have made considerable resources and experience in procuring, storage and shipment for the Grapes

Availability of Grape:Our Grapes are available from December to April

Packaging: Carton “Protecting Papers Inside” – We supply varieties of Indian Grapes in different colour sizes, taste and packaging matching the changing global demands.

Thomson Seedless

Sharad Seedless

Flame Seedless

Autumn Seedless

Jumbo Seedless

Crimson Seedless

Sonaka Seedless

Fantasy Seedless

Krishna Seedless

Manik Chaman

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