Incepted in the year 2008, Under the guidance and supervision of Mr. Himant Chavda, we are developed with a huge team of grower who produce an almost endless variety of crops on fertile land. Our agricultural land is expanded over 100 acres for cultivating the difererent fruits and vegetables for export.

We are here for you every step of the way – From planting and growing, to harvesting, packing and shipping – Krish International offers a variety of services with an extensive product range all-year-round.
Incepted years ago in this domain, Krish International has positioned itself as a leading exporter and importer of diverse Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. We are developed with a team of young and dynamic proficient who describe the early days challenged about creating the network with the famers encouraging them for cultivating crops of organic type and importance of adhering standard rules. We are well-known for its inclination of quality and impeccable packaging of products.

Krish developed a team of grower who produce an almost endless variety of crops on fertile land. As it is well-known that India’s weather conditions allow each crop to grow in the most appropriate conditions possible, besides, the developed expert’s agricultural staffs adds values to product and knowledge of our grower. We are engaged in exporting variety of Fruits and Vegetables to major Market in Europe, Asia, Gulf, USA, Canada. Over the years we have raised enough infrastructure to produce, procure, storage and shipment that are giving leverage in meeting the challenges and satisfying the customers need and requirement.

We Care Our Enviornment

No Spray, No Pesticide
We at Krish International appreciate our duty to carry out our business in a manner that impact our Environment in positive way. That is why we place utmost care in our work process -With Fruits and Vegetable procurement from farms to its shipment and distribution we apply sustainable practice to products cleaning process, its packaging and later logistics and cargo handling at every stage. We apply standard practices and also encourage our partners to act similarly.

We Care Our Customers

We apply appropriate product management, harvest practices with clear instruction to picker and with right regulation we pickup only most excellent stuff. Once fruits and vegetables reach our processing unit to augment shelf life cooling starts to get rid of ground heat. Categorization and washing of fruits and vegetables is completed to facilitate and preserve quality to improve appearance. Subjecting the product to treatment intended to decrease perish is also undertaken. Our experienced professionals are well trained and quality incessantly monitored to make sure a profitable crop.

Our Vision
Krish International main aim is to bring good safe, quality product in-time for the competitive price to the customers across the world.

Our Mission
We grow first class products in our farm that improve people’s health and wellbeing. We are offering an efficient service that facilitates the sustainable marketing of fresh fruits and vegetables exporting to the whole world.

Our Values
We believe that providing outstanding customer service make sure that customers feel valued and know that we stand behind the fruits and vegetables which are exported.

Our Service
o Natural Organic Farming           o Premium Quality Products
o Always Price Compatible           o Freshly Packed Fruits only